South Barracks Pageant 1912

South Barracks Bandstand and the Prince’s Badge

At the corner of Dover Road behind the southeast wall is a small collection of buildings. These were originally the Prisoners’ Guardroom, the Shifting Room and the Magazine. The Shifting Room was a changing room where all metal objects including hob-nailed boots and clothing with metal buttons could be removed before entering the Magazine, which stored spark sensitive explosives!

In the 1950s a small bandstand was erected at this corner of the green using scaffolding and planks. This enabled Sunday afternoon band concerts to be performed with a small gate in the wall on the Dover Road (now bricked over) being opened to allow public access.

On 9th March 1978, HRH The Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh, to mark the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of his appointment as the Captain General Royal Marines, directed that the best all-round Musician III or Bugler III from each annual intake should be awarded the Cypher PP surrounded by a Lyre, referred to as the Prince’s Badge, and worn throughout the Badgeman’s Service in every rank.

Above: South Barracks Pageant 1912


The Prince’s Badge in various colours for specific uniforms

Trail Directions: Having turned left onto the Dover Road towards Deal, continue to the Jubilee Gates opposite The Drum Major public house.