Cavalry Gates to South Barracks

The outbreak of war with France in 1793 triggered the construction of two new barracks for the Army. In 1794 the York Rangers were the first regular unit to occupy the Cavalry Barracks here to the south of what is now Canada Road. As this site expanded in later years it assumed the designation South Barracks.

On the wall of the buildings to the left, metal tie rings for horses in the walls of what had previously been stables on the ground floor and lower ranks accommodation on the top floor. To the rear and attached to this building was a wet weather drill shed. To the right of Halliday Drive, the original cannonball boxes are now being used as planters.


Royal Marines Squad in gym

Trail Directions: From the Cavalry Gate entrance continue down Canada Road to the former Green Beret public house, now the Green Berry. If calling in for refreshments you could learn more of the infamous visit by the Depot Adjutant to the Bar with his HORSE. Cross the road into the car park and walk to the end wall.