Beach Training Area and Boat Enclosure

To the left of the Sea Scouts HQ on your right, you will find a hard-standing area with a large metallic anchorage ring.

This was the area of the beach used by Royal Marines as a beach training area and boat enclosure for craft including the Commandant's Galley.

Royal Marines under training, having enjoyed their use of the swimming bath on the left, would then change into full kit for an exercise involving a run along the beach from here to Sandown Castle at the north end of Deal.

They may then have been invited to run up and down the beach from the Castle to the sea prior to returning south, past the point where we are standing and on beyond Walmer Castle to the Royal Marines Rifle Range at Kingsdown for weapons training under the White Cliffs.

Above: Commandant's Galley


Rope Work

Trail Directions: Continue to the end of Marine Road towards Deal Castle, passing the last large detached building on the left opposite Deal Castle. This was once the Union Club.